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genealogy  ancestry  family trees  family history  genealogist researcher  genealogy record  tracing ancestors  historical records  census records  parish records


"Delighted with your Hard Work"
Thank you so much for the report and my wife and I are delighted with your hard work and the information you have given us.

Tony, Yorkshire, August 2018

"Delighted with your Searches"
Wow! what a lot of research you have done, I have just finished reading through it and am delighted with the content. Thank you so much, it has given me such an interesting look into my ancestors, I am delighted with your searches.

Brenda, Bishops Stortford, April 2018

"We're blown away!"
We are really pleased with the report and blown away with all the newspaper reports. Thank you so very much for all your extensive work.

Helen, UK, November 2017

"Detailed, Extensive & Rigorous..."
I'm delighted with Eden Gene Tree's research into my family tree. The report is detailed, extensive and rigorous, with thoroughly documented references. The history goes back much further than I thought possible, especially given the unremarkable nature of my family. Where I've had queries, they've been fully explored and various family stories and folklore have been investigated. I'm very pleased with every aspect of the report.

Mike, UK, August 2017

"It Really enriched our holiday..."
Sometimes researching other peoples' families must be a bit dry so I thought I would send you three photos showing just how much we enjoyed using the research you did to turn back the clock to 1841. We visited South Molton and Whitchurch tracking my great grandfather and his father down. I was accompanied by the next two generations of the Marsh Family who came from SA and Canada. It really enriched our holiday.

Dave, South Africa, October 2015

"Thanks Rowana for a great day..."
I spent the day with Rowana wondering the streets of London retracing my family story back to the 1800s. She has a great depth of understanding of the local history which really helped me to appreciate the likely influences on my family story. The day built on my initial research, making names and places come alive and helping me to get a real sense of their journey. Thanks Rowana for a great day

Leanne, Australia, October 2015

"I think I've really got my money's worth..."
This is great, thanks. Many leads for me to follow up - especially Thomas in Tasmania - I think I may have snippets about him from early on when I was collecting pretty much everything as Blyth/Blythe is not all that common a name. There was absolutely no family knowledge of him. Also interesting, one of my uncles (now dead) always said he thought Charles junior took the rap for the rest of the family for some reason, and it looks like he was right. Charles senior looks like a "colourful character"! I've really got my money's worth - the PDF's of the actual documents are great.

Jennifer, Australia

"I've got him the best Christmas present yet..."
Thank you again, I love it and Kev will too, he really has no idea about his past. I keep telling him I've got him the best Christmas present yet. And he keeps saying "what, a bread maker like a few years ago, that I didn't really want .... as a Christmas present!". So I think I'll do well this year!!!!

Rebecca, Australia

"Found amazing things I never knew about my family..."
Mum just loved it, thanks so much. She especially loved the astrology signs for each person and the pictures for the different occupations in the report. The ability to add to it is a clever idea as well. Also it was great to have photos of everyone on the family tree, especially the really old ones. Real value for money too found amazing things I never knew about my family. Fantastic, thanks again.

Jon, London