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Society of
Association of
Genealogists &
Researchers in
Archives (AGRA)


Is research always successful?
There are no guarantees about how much information can be uncovered about a person and sometimes documentation has been lost or destroyed. But it is very rare that we would not be able to find some of your family. If however there is no chance of success, we will charge only for the research and expenses already incurred and refund the remaining fee.

How do I know that you have the correct ancestors?
The level of proof is set very high, and certificates and other necessary documentation will be provided to confirm any links. Where there is no firm link then the report will state that the link is unconfirmed or if necessary tentative and the report will provide an analytical explanation.

How much time is required for the research and report?
The time required for each project will vary depending on the research required. As a general rule a standard package will take approximately twelve weeks, but this is variable depending on the archives and records required. Additionally the further back in time the slower the progress of research. Any delays that are likely to occur will be communicated to the client as soon as possible.

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