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Family History - Minimum Value 100 (4 hours research)

If you want to find out all there is about your family, or focus on different aspects of your family's history we are fully flexible and can change the research direction at your request. For this type of research an hourly rate would be the best choice. A hourly limit can be set for your research and regular updates will keep you informed.

Society of
Association of
Genealogists &
Researchers in
Archives (AGRA)

Single Life Research/Specific Story Research - 25 per hour plus travel and expenses

This can be undertaken as a research project for the life of one of your ancestors, such as the military life of a soldier or the escapades of a family rogue.

For a loved and current member of your family a living biography is a wonderful idea and also exciting for future generations. It can include video footage alongside a photo slideshow and commentary, plus a written report to include all documentation. Secret loves, aspirations, desires and wishes alongside hopes for the future and the family can be incorporated. (face to face sessions will be required for a number of hours - over days or possibly many weeks depending on the individual) This product takes many hours in editing and constructing the final results.

"There is the beginning and there is the end... Let me complete the story of the life in-between"

Starting from 100


For most research undertaken there will be additional costs for certificates, photocopying, wills, specialist printing and binding if required, postage and travel charges to archives outside of London. However the cost of travel within London is free of charge.

Optional Extras

All reports can be specially bound and or printed using a variety of materials ranging from hard covers with loose leaf papers to a full bookbinding service. You can choose the type and design of the cover, paper quality, binding type and print. The prices can range from 80 for a hardbound loose leaf report to a few hundred for a leather cover, vellum sheets and full book binding, with many options and costs in between.

Family tree and pedigree charts can be hand drawn and designed to suit your taste and your budget, with beautiful calligraphy, coats of arms and illuminations. All ranges of paper types are available from 120 gram acid free white paper and fine art paper to museum grade archival canvas.

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Look Ups/Record Retrieval Service - 20 each

Do you need clarification of information you already have, or want to check the authenticity of a document? I can undertake these checks for both personal researchers and professional family historians who are located away from the main London Archives and Libraries.

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