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Society of
Association of
Genealogists &
Researchers in
Archives (AGRA)

Welcome to Eden Gene Tree where we believe developing your Family History is as much about looking to the future as it is about researching the past.

Let us show you the links between your ancestors and yourselves. Let us record those special memories for your descendants. Can you ensure your children and your children's children will know who their grandparents and great grandparents were? Do they know where their talents, physicality, character and quirks come from? Which family gene pool?

Show your descendants their own family culture, and what shaped their ancestors lives and families and continues to shape yours and their lives. Let us help you find those ancestors and assist in researching your families, whether one, two or more name lines, or a full research project or maybe just a simple 'look-up' at an archive is required - whichever it is, we can help.

Maybe you are interested in a particular person's life, we can focus on that person or a period in their life, or you may want to focus on the life of an elderly relative who has a tale to tell and create a "This is Your Life", story - we can help.

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